About NIAF

The DFID financed NIAF was designed to provide access to rapid and flexible consulting expertise to help Nigeria improve its infrastructure through policy and strategy formulation, planning, project implementation and private sector investment. Due to the overall success of the project, NIAF won the prestigious British Expertise Development Project of the Year award.

In it’s current phase, NIAF is designed to implement projects in power, transport, major infrastructure, climate change and cities (urban planning and development).

The potential impact of the programme is ‘reduced infrastructure constraints to growth in non-oil gross domestic product and employment, and reduced poverty due to the relaxation of binding infrastructure constraints’. The outcome is ‘enhanced management of infrastructure development at the federal level and in selected states’.

Client feedback has been strongly positive; NIAF is regarded as a valuable complement to established development partnerships, providing flexibility, nimbleness and a cadre of up-to-date skills.

Stacknew idea

The Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF) is designed to tackle bottlenecks to the infrastructure development which will spur non-oil growth in Nigeria. The demand-led programme is now in its second iteration, with the first programme running from 2007 – 2011. Read more through the hyperlink below…

NIAF2 Briefing Note