Vice-President of Nigeria Launches NIAF’s Lessons Learned Compendium

September 20, 2016

The Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF) joined with His Excellency the Vice President of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo to launch its suite of public knowledge dissemination tools at an event in Abuja on Tuesday. The event was also honoured by the attendance of His Excellency Alhaji Nasir El-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State, another key client of the programme.


Lessons Learned from the Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility 2 summarises the main lessons learned from the NIAF programme between 2011 and 2016. The 142 page document captures both detailed technical analysis of transformational projects which the NIAF team partnered with Nigeria to deliver, and also lighter ‘Knowledge’ pieces which summarise other core programme activities. The compendium has been produced with the aim of making the key learnings of the NIAF programme available to all stakeholders so that the programme’s impact endures beyond the years of its implementation.

Launching the compendium, His Excellency the Vice-President said:

“Since taking office in May 2015, this administration has committed to a ‘change agenda’ that tackles these specific issues. One of our key areas of focus is on revitalizing the national economy. The support that DFID, through the NIAF programme has provided towards this aim has been immeasurable. NIAF’s goal to enhance the management of Nigeria’s infrastructure development towards power sector reform, more impactful capital spending, transport roads,climate change, and urban planning and development is aligned with and invaluable to this administration.”

“As we all know, infrastructure is critical to spurring economic growth, reducing poverty and improving life opportunities for millions of Nigerians. Improved infrastructure increases job creation, disposable income, and security through equipping Nigerians to tackle the constraints holding back the great entrepreneurial spirit of this country. It is completely clear to me that accelerated infrastructure development is critical to sustainable growth in Nigeria.”

“NIAF 2 has been a unique, strong and close counterpart of the Federal Government of Nigeria for about 5 years. The contributions it has made through its technical expertise have been quick, flexible, and responsive. As the NIAF programme comes to an end in its current phase I look forward to a speedy start of the next phase of the programme. We assure our friends in DFID that we continue to appreciate our partnership with them which allows us to deliver change for ordinary Nigerians across our partnership areas. I therefore launch this compendium as a record of our mutual friendship and esteem, and I look forward to more collaboration to come.”

In addition to the launch of the NIAF lessons learned compendium, the programme has produced two short animations to explain its work.

The first animation demonstrates how the facility model which NIAF employs works.

The second animation describes the major results of the NIAF facility in this phase.

We thank our friends and partners in the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Kaduna State Government and the Department for International Development Nigeria for their support to this launch event. We hope you enjoy the compendium and animations and please do contact us with any questions.

Thomas Pascoe

Senior Manager, NIAF