NIAF Knowledge

Welcome to NIAF Knowledge, the information, lesson learning and best practice sharing portal operated by the Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility.

The Department for International Development funded NIAF and NIAF II programmes have supported Nigerian partners at Federal and State government level since 2007. In that time, the facility has acted as the main development partner to the Nigerian government in the privatisation of the power sector, supported the screening of over $2bn in capital spending by Federal ministries, and helped implement the first formal bus and light rail mass transport services in the nation’s history.

The impact of the facility model in a programme like the Adam Smith International implemented NIAF is determined in large part by its ability to learn lessons. The facility model relies on a venture capital approach – building from a large number of small interventions to rapidly scale up in areas of success. Capturing what has worked and what hasn’t, and then factoring this into future intervention design has allowed NIAF to concentrate resources and reduce its intervention failure rate.

Now this knowledge is being shared as a public good for the first time via a series of notes on the new NIAF Knowledge Portal.

In each note the programme examines a core intervention, sets out the context of the NIAF intervention, the actions taken and the lessons learned. The results are then uploaded in a briefing paper format and are accessible to all via the programme knowledge portal. At least one briefing note will be published per fortnight over the next year.

Why put this information in the public domain? Programmes exist not for the implementing agencies but for the beneficiaries. Making NIAF’s lesson learning a public good allows for better programme design and more successful programme implementation across the board, it will also allow a debate about approaches and methodologies which is open and informed. We at NIAF are excited by the opportunity to start that debate. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thomas Pascoe
Senior Manager
Infrastructure Development and Climate Change
Raju Pawar
Programme Officer (Communications)
Titilayo Awosemusi
Project Consultant