Effective Cities

The programme helps to promote a new emphasis on the material and economic benefits of managed growth in urban areas. Important aspects include providing capacity to institutions so they can better manage public expenditure and implement projects and the use of private sector participation schemes to leverage urban service delivery through the licensing of operators, supporting private investments in housing and promoting mass transit schemes.


Current activities in FCT, Kano, Lagos and Ogun states include a variance of:

  • Developing transport and urban development policies that will among others:

  – design the institutional framework to separate policy making, regulation and operation;

  – set out the state’s approach to improving its service delivery and public transport systems;

  – promote the development and expansion of cities with an integrated transport system and

  – promote the role of the private sector in these initiatives.

  • Developing transport and land use master plans that will create an integrated multimodal transport system and assist in the prioritisation of transport and urban economic centre development projects;
  • Restructuring the transport and urban development sectors and providing embedded support to the key organisations to build counterpart capacity;
  • Support in project management of major projects, particularly in the rail sector;
  • Promoting private sector participation by assisting in licensing bus mass transit operators on specific corridors and conducting outline business cases for major PPP projects; and
  • Analysing potential conflict implications in transport reform and supporting mitigation programmes.