Capital Projects

Infrastructure delivery work emphasises employment generation through programs of public works. Deployment of e-tools for registration, task logging and payments to workers eliminate opportunities for corruption and improve transparency. Work on infrastructure financing includes best international practice advice on PPP structuring, financing strategies and risk mitigation. The program is also assisting SURE-P with flagship project deliveries, with high standards of financial management assured through modern project management tools and automated screening of procurement costs. Work also includes practical tools for consistent project screening, improved project appraisal and performance tracking.

Main activities:

  • Community Services Program: Graduate Interns Scheme (FMoF, SURE-P)
  • Community Services Program: Women and Youth Employment public works (FMoF, SURE-P)
  • Priority Federal Roads Completions x5 (SURE-P)
  • Priority Rail Line Completions x 3 (SURE-P)NEW LOOK OF BRIDGE 46
  • Federal Roads Preventative Maintenance (SURE-P, FERMA)
  • District RoadsĀ  Repair and Maintenance (SURE-P, FERMA)
  • PPP Transaction Advice (ICRC, Lagos State)
  • Embedded high-level (Nigerian) professionals (Key federal MDAs)
  • Renewable energy technology market development (REA, Northern states)